Noopur Raval
Postdoctoral Scholar

Noopur is a postdoctoral researcher at the AUX lab. Prior to joining the lab, she was a postdoc at the AI Now Institute at NYU and she received her PhD in Informatics at UC Irvine. Noopur studies global futures of work and how technology supports work, life and social interactions. Currently, she is studying the cultural politics of tech organizations and tech workers with a special interest in the work of UX professionals. Outside of research, Noopur is an amateur crafter and loves playing with her cats!

Akash Chaudhary
MS Student

Akash is a 2nd year Computational Media MS student in University of California, Santa Cruz. He has worked for 3.5 years in the past as a UX/UI researcher with a focus on designing a speech improvement mobile application, as well as discovering dark design patterns on video streaming platforms. He is currently focused on exploring the problems faced by people living in rural areas of California due to gaps in computing and other infrastructure facilities. As side hobbies, he likes to explore novel AI architectures and write speculative fiction.

Veronica Rivera
PhD Student

Veronica is a PhD Candidate in the Computational Media department at UCSC. She does research on digitally-mediated harm, online/offline safety, and the future of work. She also loves teaching. She has a B.S in Joint Computer Science and Math from Harvey Mudd College and enjoys hiking, reading historical fiction, and baking.

Bhavani Seetharaman
PhD Student

Bhavani is an incoming PhD student in the Computational Media Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has previously worked in the development and public policy sector working on problems related to education, agriculture and women’s empowerment. In the last few years she has collaborated on projects regarding the future of work and collectivisation. Her current research interests are the future of work and includes looking at urban cultures and infrastructures. In her free time you can find her reading, painting, cooking and watching the occasional K-drama.

Stephen Tsung-Han Sher
PhD Student

Stephen is currently researching the practice of eSports commentary, following the formation of the eSports initiative here at Indiana University, and video game speedrunning. He received his Master of Science in Computer Science from USC in 2017, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Computer Science from USC in 2016. He is particularly interested in teaching and higher education instruction, Wushu (Chinese martial arts), cooking, and letter writing.

Rosemary Steup
PhD Student

Rosemary is a student in the Computing, Culture, and Society track of the Informatics PhD program. Her current research involves the design, marketing, and adoption of digital farming technologies. She has a B.S. in Computer Science and French from Trinity University. Her hobbies include running, Aikido, and raiding the SF/F section of libraries.

Other Current Student Collaborators

PhD Alumni

  • Dr. Majdah Alshehri, Faculty in the College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University
  • Dr. EunJeong Cheon, Assistant Professor in the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University

See Norman’s homepage for full details on graduated PhDs.


Sister lab

The Health, Aging, and Technology Lab (THAT Lab), directed by Dr. Amanda Lazar

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